Posted by: maisiegrace | February 2, 2008

Sunny Margate

Gorgeous weather today and the light over Margate is lovely. All the seafront properties go pink before sunset. It’s quite unique, and why Turner painted so much here. For anyone who remembers Margate from a few years ago – it’s changing. From a sad phase of decline it is turning into the place it should be. For those of you who are thinking of moving to the seaside, have a look here! Did you know you can buy a flat with a sea view for £100k?!

Margate Old Town is a beautiful little area near the harbour which is being extensively renovated. It is a town with a proper centre, and a really nice ambience. Nice shops and cafes are moving in, and the harbour arm project is getting started, so by the summer we will have some more smart places to go to, and it will be really pleasant to stroll around.  There’s an increasing arts community here too. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not perfect yet but if you come and have a look, the potential is clearly there.

Calling all forward-thinking retailers and other business people! This is a fantastic opportunity. If you come here now you will be in at the beginning of something special. Commercial space is available at reasonable prices. Get a lease or a property now and you’ll be sitting pretty. With Turner Contemporary being built soon, and the improved rail links, Margate is set to take off. Bag your space here now. Don’t wait until 2010 or 2011 and wish you have been brave enough.


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