Posted by: maisiegrace | April 12, 2008

Negative Thanet blogs

I’ve had my fill of negative blogs about Margate and Thanet in general. For the uninitiated, Thanet is the bit that sticks out of East Kent consisting of Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate. It’s been rather a forgotten place over the last 20 years but it’s actually an undiscovered gem, and it’s undergoing some great regeneration at the moment.

Unfortunately, many of the local population, yes, the people who are responsible for its demise through their lack of forward thinking, make griping a speciality. There are several blogs about Thanet and they are forums for a handful of negative people with nothing better to do than sit on their backsides and slag off anyone who seems like an appropriate target to blame for their plight. The council is a great target – like they are responsible for everything. I’ve seen the council blamed for all manner of things – not reducing business rates (actually that’s all to do with central government – dur), not doing anything with empty shops (actually isn’t that down to landlords and tenants?) and not providing jobs (actually the council are actively involved with lots of private sector collaborations to do just that). No I don’t work for the council – I just know a good one when I see one.

What also amazes me is that there is a huge amount going on under their noses and they just don’t see it. They just play the same old record, quoting old news, without actually looking around. If they do notice anything, it is perceived as change, which has to be bad. Omigod, can’t have that can we?! Bound to fail, false hopes, broken promises, dodgy deals, not enough consultation, one hit wonder, nothing ever gets any better does it? Well maybe it didn’t for 20 years but actually, yes, it is now.

I suppose it’s not uncommon for the vociferous minority to create the wrong impression, but the bad press that the area gets through all their negativity is hardly going to help inward investment is it? The other bizarre thing is that ‘the locals’ seem ridiculously over-sensitive to outside influence and don’t appear to see the benefits. Considering what a mess they’ve made of their own place it seems exceedingly obvious to me that it’s vital. If you’re not able to trace your ancestry back several generations in Thanet, apparently you’re not qualified to contribute. The island mentality in these parts is really sad. I’m sorry if that upsets the intelligent people of the area but then you know what I’m talking about and you know you’re not included in my sweeping statement.

Of course blogs are forums for discussion but I find it tiresome that as soon as someone posts a positive story, there is a queue of bloggers waiting to put a negative spin on it. What’s the answer?I think it’s to be positive and keep the negative bloggers at bay. I hope this blog doesn’t put anyone off coming to the area – don’t worry there are plenty of great people here.



  1. Ah! How charmingly naive! Don’t worry, I was like that when I first moved here two years ago. The scales soon fell from my eyes.

  2. Nice blog…I agree that there’s lots to be positive about in Margate / Thanet (& I’m very proud to live here). : )

    Incidentally, get your blog on the Thanet Blog List, that way many more people will see when you’ve posted on here:

  3. Hi there,

    There are plenty of bloggers out there with good things to say about good things in Margate and beyond. However, in my time here, I’ve also experienced some frustration when certain things have happened. Really good people here have often struggled to carry on doing good work. But we all live in hope for a bright future.


  4. Charming I may be, naive I am not, Eastcliff Richard. You have amused me on occasions but your continuous cynicism just gets boring. Your blogs are unbalanced and you seem to think it’s OK to have a pop at absolutely everyone. See my comment on your last blog about TP. We only live once, and I personally would like to spend that life making a positive difference and not living in a s**t hole. Informed comment about things which are blatently wrong is constructive but sustained negativity devalues any good points you have, and does not help Thanet to become a better place.

  5. I’m not quite sure why a blog should be ‘balanced’. But yes, you’re right, I do think it’s OK to have a pop at absolutely everyone. And no, I don’t want to live in a s**thole either. So it seems we’re in agreement! BTW, here’s a positive comment – what a lovely looking blog you’ve got here!

  6. Welcome to the world of Thanet blogging with all the odd characters it has (me included). It’s nice to see a new “face” (not to mention a different platform from the “favorite”) in the local blogging scene.

    Hopefully this is the start of a fantastic new source of Thanet punditry and comment. I look forward to reading more.

    BTW: If you are interested in a more balanced view of Thanet the Thanet social network might be worth a look.

  7. Maisiegrace thats really is a nice name, where did you aquire it from?

  8. Thanks for your posts – I am learning my way around the local blogs. It seems it is a small world! I got the name from my parents Tony!

  9. I know you got it from your parents, its just there are not many Maisiegrace’s in Thanet unlike a plague of Tony’s.

  10. {April 12, 2008} Negative Thanet blogs

    “I just found your blog and this was the first entry I read – Well said”


  11. MaisieGrace

    I am afraid that if you believe that always saying nice things is the path to making a positive contribution then you are, as ECR suggests, naieve.

    A nice person on your other thread suggested that if you hear the police using their sirens excessively that would be of interest to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

    The fact is the late John Allen and I fought a hard battle to win the change of police complaints law which created the IPCC. John (Chair of East Westcliff Residents Assn) was promised the change of law by Jack Straw Home Secretary after the Kent Chief constable abused his position by refusing thirty complaints on behalf of Thanet residents made by John.

    And I included the remedy opf changing police com,plaints law in a case I submitted to European Court of Human Rights.

    The recent new Security of Electrical Supply to Hospitals Regulations have taken a 21 year battle with reports to ministers and Institute of Electrical Engineers and MI5.

    I go on Thanet blogs to “Echo sound” to acquire information.

    I know that about 190 people in Thanet have answers to what I want to know. So the average Thanet blogger is at first hearsay of the information I seek.

    I am interested in the production sabotage of backup generators made by Petbow Cummins.

    Imagine if you will that you are the parent of a child in post op ICU at Guys Hospital. There is a power cut (actually it is the backup generator system going rogue and switching incoming mains electricity opff the hospital). Your heart races. there is your child on life support with no power to it.

    Then relief as backup power takes over.

    Then twenty minutes later backup power fails and your child dies.

    This is a three fault sequence that has occurred at Guys on that system before.

    The chances of an exact recurrence are one in 2.98 billion. IE Put yer money on a saboteur nobbling the system.

    And there are at least one hundred Thanet men who know the man and know his methods and know that at one time they helped him along thinking it was a lark against their employer’s redundancy scheme.

    And those Thanet filth stay quiet. The child in Guys was alm,ost certainly murdered by the results of sabotage.

    That is why I despise Thanet people.

    That is why I have said that no Cummins employee may hold his head up in the street in my presence or I will knock the Thanet fecker’s head off his shoulders.

    By going on blogs as well do you know what happens ? Potential inward investors to Thanet contact me. And I simply tell the truth.

    Cry for the child at Guys. And God speed the day powers that be announce no mercy in Thanet. Actually guessing from recent events I think such an operation may be under way and not before time.

  12. Rick – there is filth everywhere, and sad though the story is, it is ridiculous to tar all of Cummins’ employees and every person in Thanet with the same brush.
    I don’t always say nice things. I think the police round here are a bunch of macho, useless tossers and I will be making a complaint.
    Thanet is not the Isle of Delight, but there are some good things to say about it, and I will carry on doing so.

  13. Maisiegrace I agree with you there is a lot nay an awful lot of negativity in and around Thanet. I am disabled with Multiple sclerosis and have had to endure the super services of The QEQM it is a fantastic hospital and staffed by marvelous Doctors and nurses. As an Emergency I was admitted earlier this year and have nothing but praise for the place. But most people you speak to dont have a good word to say about the place. The same people dont want the Turner centre or any of the regeneration that is going on at the moment. I update Saint Paul’s website the one in Northdown Road not the one in London and Last week tried to find a youtube article to link that talked up Margate. I was very disappointed. At Saint Paul’s we have dealings with a lot of disadvantaged people who respond to Love and care and maybe if more people were to see life from a position of having less then they might appreciate the positives we have here and what a privileged it is to live in the beautiful town

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