Posted by: maisiegrace | June 23, 2008

Margate police

I have to share this with you. It made me chuckle but also made me despair. I was in the new police reception the other day (although I’ve no idea what was wrong with the old one) and saw a sign featuring some big nob Kent plod. Next to his smiling photo was a statement which surely can’t be based upon any statistical jiggery pokery known to mankind. ‘The Thanet district is a safe place – together we can keep it that way and improve the quality of life for everyone.’ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sob sob sob sob. 

Has this man ever been to Thanet? How can the amount of burglary, criminal damage, ABH/GBH and arson make this a safe district? From my experience and that of several friends, the detection rate is so appalling, that no-one has any confidence that any perpetrator will ever be caught either. So it’s not safe and it doesn’t feel safe, which makes his statement codswallop of the highest degree, however you look at it. 

And while I’m on the subject of Margate police, why do the macho idiots feel it necessary to put their sirens on and squeal along the seafront so often? I thought sirens were meant to be used to warn traffic to get out of the way? I have seen them tearing along with sirens blaring on countless occasions when there is nothing else on the road.  Maybe it’s meant to make us feel safe? Actually it makes me think they are tossers who think it’s OK to publicly air their small men issues and violate my eardrums.



  1. Being purely positive and up beat is hard work isn’t it. Seriously though if you can collect some evidence of the local fuzz abusing their sirens (for a change) then the police complaints commission might be very interested in talking with you… or you with they.

  2. Yes I might well follow up on that. No doubt Eastcliff Richard will be rubbing his hands that I am allowing myself to fall into negative Thanet ways….. Must try harder!

  3. Hahaha! Consider my hands well and truly rubbed!

  4. Well, it seems a UK tradition for the police to blare their sirens at all times. On the continent they don’t seem to do it. At night, they often have just lights flashing as it’s enough to alert drivers they’re behind. I think the UK plods have got into a habit and no one stops them.

  5. Since Matt B’s suggestion I have made a note every time they do it – have about 7 so far.

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