Posted by: maisiegrace | July 1, 2008

Bar at Margate Harbour!

Had a nice surprise last weekend when I discovered a little gem – a bar on the harbour at Margate – I mean actually out on the harbour wall where they have painted the doors and tidied it all up recently. It was really, really pleasant sitting in the sun and not have cars whizzing by, and they were playing some great sounds too. Apparently it is open Saturdays and Sundays over the summer until the new restaurant opens at the end of the harbour which is supposed to be happening in a couple of months. They are planning to do food from this weekend as well. 



  1. That sounds quite fun. For all the efforts the word on what’s going on does not seem to have disseminated very well at all. Shame.

  2. Yes it is very low key but maybe that’s the best way to make it a word-of-mouth space rather than a chav one 🙂

  3. I’m sure when it opens properly it will be self selecting in who it attracts. Can’t wait for a decent seafood restaurant to arrive in Margate. It’s possibly the best location in town for a drink and food. Looking forward to it.

  4. Sounds great, I can remember when the ship inn was the haunt for those connected with the sea. Lifeboat members,fishermen,yacht club members,scally wags, boat owners etc., It built up a good clientelle in them days perhaps this could be a rebirth.

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