Posted by: maisiegrace | September 6, 2008

Margate in limbo

I know we need the tourists to survive around here but it was lovely to see Margate beach empty today. I walked across the beach this morning and I was alone. It was great. The Old Town was pleasant but quiet, and it made me think how great it will be when the Turner Gallery is open, to have the cafes buzzing on an autumnal morning. Shame we don’t have any non-beach tourists here yet. I’m looking forward to the Turner being built. It will change everything.



  1. Nice to finally hear somebody talk up the Turner centre and Margate old town. Ramsgate is finally getting rid of the chav element around the harbour, more people will visit margate when this starts to happen there.

  2. Beach is lovely at the moment. I’ve been enjoying the dog walk in the evenings like this for a while. But am looking forward to getting back onto the beach in the daytime.

  3. I hope you are right about the impact of the centre. It’ll be great if you are. Let’s hope so.

  4. The projection of 120,000 visitors a year is 2,000 a week. If anything like this many people come to Margate it will be awesome. We just need the rest of the town to catch up. Quickly!!

  5. 30 to 40 people per hour would certainly pick things up a bit. The big question is how long would they stay once they get back outside? Also where would they park?

  6. Apparently they are meant to park in Trinity Square or College Square and walk through the Old Town, and there is a car park on the harbour but I agree we desperately need some other stuff going on in the town to keep people here! There are so many gorgeous empty shops in the Old Town – I wish people would have some vision and open up some nice boutiques. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen in a recession though.

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