Posted by: maisiegrace | November 10, 2008

29th November 2008

…is the day Sir Bob comes to town. He’s switching on the Christmas lights at 5pm. I think it takes some balls to come back to Margate after his unpopular summary of the place earlier in the year, and I hope he gets a good reception.  I gather there are various things going on that evening, hopefully fireworks. One definite event is a pre-Christmas market (in the Market Place, surprisingly enough) so I hope the cynics amongst you will take the time to come, with an open mind, and see what the Old Town looks like now.

It’s not exactly a complete destination yet but the Old Town/Harbour Arm area should be a place to visit if you are looking for interesting Christmas gifts. Here’s what you’ll find:

Qing (pronounced Ching) – a great range of gifts from China and Japan (open Thurs – Sun).
Jofi (opening on the Harbour Arm in the next couple of weeks) – ‘Gorgeous Gifts for Girls’, and it really is!
Sci Fi and Comic World – great gift ideas for small and big kids.
Flower Lab – dramatically different floristry.
Old Town Gallery – fabulous diverse selection of handmade jewellery, ceramics and interesting things.
Cutting’s Jewellers – beautiful collection of new and quality second-hand jewellery.
gallery IOTA on the Harbour Arm – free to wander around and some original art to buy.
Another new gallery in the Pie Factory building I think – sorry no details yet but opening soon and apparently nice stuff.

For those ladies (or gentlemen) who lunch, try The Harbour Cafe, Cafe G, Rokka (opening soon), No 6 Market Place, The Indian Princess (yummy dosas), or You Smoothie on the High Street. Revitalize on the Market Place also does lovely treatments and massages.

Please note: Margate Old Town/Harbour Arm area is the first in Thanet to be designated a SSCI (Site of Special Chav-free Interest). Chavs are a declining species in this area and are usually shot on sight on the assumption that they have either just committed a crime or are just about to. It’s good for the environment.



  1. Yes, I have recently heard about Sir Bob G too. I think this is “make up” PR that he feels he owes.

  2. how nice to hear you talk of “shooting chavs”…you arty types really are full of the milk of human kindness, whos next i wonder??? those who dare to walk in your designated areas wearing clothes containing some man made fibres,carrying plastic bags in a threatening manner,or heaven forbid children who dont look like theyve recently tumbled out of a boden catalogue …where DO you draw the line?? keep up the good must be hard being so cliched ALL of the time? boom shanka ;0)

  3. So sir bob has cried off. Good for margate. we need friends like him like we need the black death

  4. Don’t be ridiculous, Ken. Of course it’s not good news that Sir Bob has cried off. Having him here would have been great for the town.

    Surely, however, attending an important meeting in Africa to benefit people in desperate need is time better spent than doing a local PR exercise for Margate (where the majority of inhabitants are not in desperate need, they just think they are). He tried his best but has priorities which I applaud.

  5. Another great cafe bar has opened up the high street-H20,I popped in to see the menu and it soo reasonable and open 8am till midnight,the lady who ownes it is really friendly and the sea views are breathtaking(the balcony is heated)can’t wait to sample!

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