Posted by: maisiegrace | November 10, 2008

Thanet Quality Foods

I thought I would join the ‘favourite places’ bandwagon and tell you about a favourite shop of mine. Thanet Quality Foods is opposite Nat West on Northdown Road and has a red and white-striped canopy. For a regular-sized shop it sells the most amazing array of goodies. It reminds me of shops in various parts of London and it’s great to have it in Thanet. If you are thinking of cooking Indian, Caribbean, Thai, or any other interesting food, this place is a must.

They sell pretty much everything you need to inspire you to cook – randomly: paneer, okra, egusi, rose water, gram flour, local halal meat, nuts, noodles, ready-made tarka dal, loads of spices and maybe some things you have never heard of. The large bottles of fish sauce and handfuls of fresh coriander are far cheaper than the microlitres/sprigs you get in a supermarket. If you can’t find something the guy who runs it is really knowledgeable and helpful. The only problem is you might leave having bought far more than you went in there for, but I’m sure you will be pleased with yourself when you unload your booty at home.


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