Posted by: maisiegrace | November 23, 2008

Well done, Tony

It’s great that Tony Flaig of BigNewsMargate fame was invited to appear on the BBC Politics Show today. It gives credibility to the blogging community who care and give so much, it illustrates the importance of the voice that bloggers have, and it acknowledges their contribution.  I’m delighted it wasn’t ECR, who can’t see beyond his enormous ego on the subject, and would never appear on camera despite all his ‘media chums’.

Tony, you did really well. Live TV is very scary and you made your points superbly. I did think you went on too much about Northdown House etc (a bit too local for the viewership maybe?) but I understand why you did it, as the Turner Contemporary is part of a bigger picture which needs to be addressed. I thought that your piece was very well aligned with Derek Harding’s message who also talked about the importance of Dreamland and the town in general. Well done, and keep up the good blog!



  1. Actually I was going to appear but they couldn’t find a lens with a wide enough angle to get the entirety of my enormous ego on screen.

    BTW, I don’t think buttering Tony up will bring him round to your particularly rose-tinted way of looking at things!

  2. I too think that Tony deserves congratulating (& ECR I’m not saying that because I want him to do a nudie photoshoot, honest!).

  3. Good for Tony. It’s not easy doing those interviews and Thanet needs all the attention it can get. This goes to show that blogging is becoming a force to be reckoned with in Thanet. Keep going everyone.

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