Posted by: maisiegrace | December 6, 2008

Pucka Rokka!

I’d like to congratulate Rokka for opening their new bar on Margate seafront. From the smell of paint their boys had clearly been working around the clock to get the doors open last night, but well done. They have a great product in Ramsgate and have been one of the few businesses with the foresight to grab a key position in Margate. I hope other people will follow their example. Restauranteurs, licencees, retailers – stop sitting on your hands and be part of it! Good luck and all credit to Rokka.



  1. MG! My, how you’ve changed! The sea air is obviously doing you some good!

    And thanks for the link BTW!

  2. Indeed ’tis a good new look.

  3. Unfortunately Rokka’s licence seems to have been temporarily withdrawn. Something about the bar not being the same as on the submitted plans. Either this is Rokka being dumb and getting it wrong, or the licensing authority putting the boot in preventing something new in the area. Does anyone know what happened?

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