Posted by: maisiegrace | February 22, 2009

What is Margate thinking….?

What is Margate thinking...?

What is Margate thinking...?



  1. I don’t know about Margate, but I’m thinking how much better Margate looks with Arlington House cropped out of the picture! That place has got to go.

  2. Why can’t we talk and think POSITIVE

  3. Nice one Ken but I suspect the negs will get on board soon……

  4. That sky and view is stunning-but I have to agree with Peter(and thousands of others)that arlington house looks like a slum in the sky.It is the first thing visitors see when they come round the corner into Margate and It is hideous-filthy dirty with rags hanging from the windows,It could at least be sand blasted and smartened up.Margate could be beautiful(the skies and beaches and coastline are amazing)So please Ken and co get this buiding and the old fort hotel and arcadian flats smartened up-Turner Contemporary will look amazing-but the grim buildings will let us all down.

  5. ” rags for curtains”…thats this years must have look darling..

  6. Talking positive wouldn’t it be nice if the boating pool in the picture was dug out and used. Also the sand level around the Kings Steps could be dropped so boats could use it when the tide is in.

  7. yep I am with Tony on that one a historical spot like the Kings steps treated like our museums .it is our pastour heritage and we ignore it the grand old dukeof york would spin in his grave

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