Posted by: maisiegrace | March 22, 2009

Up, down and up in Margate

Wow what a beautiful sunny day! Finally I can remember what summer is like. Predictions are that we’ll have a great summer in Margate – good weather forecast and an appalling Euro exchange rate. Hurrah! Margate seems to be finally getting its act together. At last we’re getting a few more decent places to eat, drink and chill. Looking forward to the Pie ‘n’ Mash shop opening and also the new cafe on the harbour arm. Apparently there is a deli opening soon in the Old Town as well. I hope the first part of the Turner Contemporary structure will come out of the ground soon – it will be shocking and every new bit will change the whole look of the place. Some people will hate it, some will love it. I just want to see the spectacle.

On the flip side, I’m still totally frustrated by how horrible it is along the Marine Parade strip and I’m struggling to be impressed by the heritage theme park plan for Dreamland (although I don’t have any better ideas to be honest). A glimmer of hope is the ‘for sale’ sign on the Tivoli/DV8 building. I do hope someone buys it and does something tasteful with it. That frontage really is gross! Full marks to the folk who own the arcade with the tanning salon along there – a simple new banner has actually made it look OK.

With the exception of Ingoldsby, the arts community seems to have hibernated this winter but it looks like there are going to be lots of exhibitions over the summer. Everything kicks off on April 3rd with events at Turner, the Harbour Arm Gallery and Limbo. I hope the influx of artists into the studios in Margate brings more galleries soon, but we desperately need to attract the higher value tourists to make them viable. It will happen, I’m confident of that. Give it a couple of years.



  1. Yep I must say I agree with you on all points and would add it might be nice if the councill were to offer some starter business rates for some of the empty shops

  2. It would seem logical Don. If the property is empty offering a discount to fill it brings in more money and is better in even a fairly short sighted way than empty property. That said Mr Wise has as good as said that the council lacks the skills to do it’s job so don’t ask too much.

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