Posted by: maisiegrace | October 8, 2009

Margate in the winter

Just found my password in the archives so thought I would resurrect the blogging after the summer non-break. I’m afraid the world operates the opposite way round for me. Which brings me to my point.

Why is Margate so crap in the winter? Personally I think it’s far better than in the summer! Not only are there fewer chavs to trip over but there’s a whole different, potentially fulfilling catalogue of stuff! To get you in the zone, walk along the seafront for a few miles then reward yourself with a port and brandy. Nice. 

Anyway (and more pressing, actually), what are you doing tomorrow night? Did you ever think you would be spending it in Margate? Of course not. Well, there are five events all at once, and it will be fab – private views of new exhibitions at Crate, Limbo (Substation) and the Pie Factory, and the Alturnertive crew’s latest exhibition is also open on the Harbour Arm. No, they’re not private – just turn up and you will be made most welcome. Also, I’ve just found out there a special thing going on at the Theatre Royal as well. I’m not a flipping tourist guide so you’ll have to Google the details for yourselves.  Top that off with a visit to Kent’s #1 restaurant, The Indian Princess. Fab. Just get a taxi back as there will be several free glasses of wine involved. By the way BeBeached on the harbour does a lovely Saturday brunch before you collect your car.

The sooner this town breaks away from the old summer holiday mentality, the better. I am sick and tired of being told by the old sticks who ‘understand’ the way it is round here regarding the ‘season’. Bollocks. The various Arts crowds have got completely stuck in and there is some great stuff planned for the winter. They don’t care if the sun shines or not; the natural and architectural beauty speaks for itself, and they certainly do too. (Hurrah for the semi-colon while I think about it.) Some people are actually living here! People really are doing it for themselves…. I think I know a song about that….



  1. That’s just typical that is. Only today I took down your link because I thought you were gone.

    Welcome back anyway.

    To answer your question – it’s a bit weak all year round but as the cold weather sets in there are less people and it starts to show like rocks at a low tide.

  2. At The Winter Gardens it doesn’t make much difference what time of year it is. We’ve big shows coming up over the next few weeks (The Specials, Paul Weller, etc), & they sold out months in advance.

  3. Actually so does the Theatre Royal. Margate seems short on smaller music venues though, apart from West Coast which have a good programme.

  4. Hey, thanks for flagging up the art openings at Crate and Limbo!
    I thought you might be interested to know about the next event in Crate’s arts programme.
    It takes place on November 13 at the Shell Grotto. Art duo Juneau Projects will be making an interactive sound and light installation for the grotto that explores the Grotto’s history as a venue for the occult.

    As usual, there will be no charge and all are welcome.

    Hope to see you there!

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