Posted by: maisiegrace | December 12, 2009

Margate’s going retro

I’ve been banging on about the bright future of Margate for ages and finally, finally we’re getting somewhere. I can really feel that Margate is starting to understand its new self, and it looks like retro is the way to go. The emerging theme is celebrating the past. Rather ironic really as Margatians have a habit of harping back to better times and bemoaning the current state of the town. This retrospectiveness though, is fresh and positive, and I like it.

For as long as it has been talked about I just haven’t got the heritage amusement park thing. Maybe it’s just because I wouldn’t find it interesting myself so I can’t see it succeeding (although oddly I’m pretty scathing of that type of view when it’s regarding Turner!). Anyhow, I hope I’m wrong and maybe it will be an important part of an emerging theme.

All of a sudden, Margate Old Town has gone retro, and become home to several great vintage shops.  On the Market Place, opposite the timeless Mad Hatter’s Tea Rooms, Helter Skelter Boutique has two floors of beautiful quality furniture and collectibles from the 60’s and 70’s, and just along from there, Zoe Murphy’s bespoke printed vintage furniture is on sale through the Ingoldsby Gallery. Then there’s Betty B’s, which has just opened in the shop that used to be ‘Arry’s on the corner of King Street and Broad Street, where there’s a fabulous selection of vintage clothes and lots of other original items mainly from the 40’s and 50’s. Tying in perfectly is the new My Old Dutch salon on Fort Hill where the Grosvenor Stamp shop used to be – walk in the normal you and walk out with retro hair and make-up! And finally, filling the pre-40’s gap is the new Old Town Antiques in the old Manning’s fish shop on Market Street – a really tiny shop but full of some greats things at great prices. Maisie also has it on good authority that another vintage shop will be opening up in the Old Town soon.

What was it I said a while ago about a mini-Brighton lanes? I heard you laugh.



  1. Excellent glad to see Margates old town is now accepting Retro, for far to long History and Heritage has been rooted in the pre war years. I always believe that History is for Historians and nostalgia is for everyone else, and nostalgia generates the greatest interest which attracts visitors and makes the money.

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