MaisieGrace is a relative newcomer to Margate, and believes it will become a great place if the people of Thanet open their eyes and allow it to fulfil its potential. Maisie has been accused of all sorts of things: being patronising, having rose-tinted specs, flogging a dead horse, having an inappropriate vision for Margate. Actually, Maisie is just an ordinary girl who looks forward not back, and gives credit and criticism where she thinks they’re due.



  1. Hi there,
    It’s Richard Spillett here from the Isle of Thanet Gazette. Just writing to you because I saw you got a fantastic snap of the Emin installation being trialled. I know it’s a bit of a cheek but I just wondered if you’d mind sending it over to me for the local paper?
    We’d be happy to credit you.
    Thanks for your help,
    Richard Spillett
    01843 578154.

  2. Any funds available for a struggling artist?!

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